Attack Methods

In today’s challenging security environment where facilities are exposed to a growing range of emerging threats it can be prudent to target harden facilities from multiple forms of attack. Depending on the security level and model chosen Rolegard security shutters, especially when combined with layered security, can provide very high levels of physical protection.

Planned Physical Assault

Severely tested against jacking, prising, gouging, impact, cutting and drilling using high end power tools, Rolegard is designed to repel experienced attempts at forced entry. SR4/5 shutters have the highest level of intelligent strength combined with automatic self locking to lock down facilities without the need for secondary locks. Door activation can be restricted where required to limit access to authorised personnel.


Models: SR2/3/4/5-B

Swarm Attack

The inherent strength and design properties of Rolegard shutters helps mitigate against hostile crowd / swarm attack. Suitable in areas where large volumes of people may attempt entry through brute force such as ports and terminals, sports stadiums, government buildings and high value commercial outlets. Most effective when integrated with perimeter security.


Models: SR4/5-DS-HD

Ballistics Attack

Rolegard SR5-B ballistics shutters have been subjected to the latest European ballistic standards for roller shutters and tested by an independent UKAS accredited laboratory. SR5-B ballistics shutters achieve an FB3 rating as standard with an optional grade to FB4. Please contact us for test data and certificates.


Models: SR5-B-DS-HD

Blast Protection

The inherent strength of the main door profiles used in the construction of the SR4 & SR5-B-DS-HD models have been tested to provide resistance to blast pressure. Results are dependent on the door size. Please contact Gilgen’s technical department for specific advice.


Models: SR4/SR5-B-DS-HD

Hostile Vehicle Mitigation

The inherent strength of Rolegard Heavy Duty SR4 and SR5 shutters helps to reduce the risk of hostile vehicle attack when combined with other forms of layered security. The use of perimeter security, gates, bollards and other HVM measures is highly recommended where this form of attack poses a high risk.


Models: SR4/SR5-B-DS-HD

Hurricane Protection

Exposed sites are often subjected to extreme weather conditions in the form of wind loads. SR4 and SR5 shutters provide protection against high wind levels up to hurricane force. For sites that require thermal or acoustic insulation our SR3 insulated shutters provide a highly effective solution.


Models: SR3-INS-HD / SR4-SS-HD / SR4 / 5-FB-DS-HD

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