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Blast doors, Ballistics, Hurricane Shutters, Locking & Drive Systems



Blast Doors and Ballistics

The inherent strength of the door profiles designed into Rolegard SR4 and SR5 shutters has been tested to provide resistance to blast pressure. Blast door results are dependent on the door size. Please contact our technical support team for advice.

Rolegard SR5-B models have been subjected to the latest European ballistic standards for roller shutters and tested by an independent UKAS accredited laboratory. SR5-B is the first shutter to achieve an FB3 ballistics rating as standard with an optional grade to FB4. Please contact us for more information on Ballistics Shutters such as test data and certificates.


Locking provision is determined by the SR rating and can be tailored according to application needs. Our Automatic Self Locking (ASL) system systematically locks down facilities without the need for auxiliary ground locks. This functionality helps improve protocol and prevents the lifting or jacking of the shutter in the closed position. ASL comes as standard on Rolegard SR4 and SR5 shutters. Please download our brochure for the lock type for each model.

Options include:

  • Manual Key Operated Cylinder Locks
  • Manual Padlockable Shoot Bolts
  • Electronic anti-jacking Bolts with monitored battery backup
  • (ASL) Automatic Self Locking

Drive Systems

All models are electrically operated and driven by an external Direct Drive (DD), Chain Geared Drive (CD) or Tubular Motor (TM) depending on the size, type and frequency of use required.

Electric Tubular Motor – Specified for applications that require low cycle usage such as commercial entrances or vehicle access routes with relatively low traffic volumes. The compact design makes it suitable in limited space environments or where the building is limited to single phase power supply.

Direct Drive Motor –Electrically operated drive suitable for applications which require a three phase mains power supply and high quality drive system.

Chain Geared Motor – Electrically operated heavy duty chain geared drive motor complete with a secondary safety brake unit. Suitable for heavier shutters which require a three phase power supply.


Local controls are normally by means of a low level, wall mounted controller which includes push buttons for open, close and emergency stop functions. Enhanced systems can be supplied for special corrosive or explosive environments. Activation controls include Radar, Vehicle sensing activation loop, photo cell activation, card reader, key switch, remote control, group command, master control, door status monitoring or integration with BMS.


Minimum Support Structure


To ensure your security doors and shutters continue to perform reliably throughout their working lifes, Gilgen Door Systems provides a comprehensive range of flexible service plans. With 50 years door industry experience, a national team of 80 professional mobile engineers and a culture of excellence you are assured of the highest levels of support. Our flexible Safeguard service plans provide 24/7 emergency cover for your equipment along with an appropriate level of preventative maintenance to help ensure operational safety and identify problems before they lead to failure. We maintain all types of industrial door, automatic door or powered gate –

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